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How to save a dog’s life

16 Jun


Thelma and Louise need help

22 May

Dumped – Thelma and Louise need your help!


Jasper, TN – Thelma and Louise were dumped and need your help finding forever homes or foster home.  They cannot stay where they are now.  They are about 4 mos. old and loveable.  Why are people so uncaring as to dump puppies to fend on their own?  Please help Thelma and Louise.


Contact Margret at magwatt@charter.net or 423-208-6290.


Stop torturing cats

16 May

I can’t even imagine if my beloved cats suffered the same fate as Alley, Fiddle and Kiki.

Alley, Fiddle and Kiki are three cats used in pediatric intubation trainings at the University of Virginia medical school. The details are horrific: they’re immobilized and helpless as plastic tubes are repeatedly forced down their throats — sometimes as many as 20 times each session. And Alley, Fiddle and Kiki have been enduring this torture for the last seven years.

Tell the University of Virginia to stop using cats in intubation training.
Sign Dr. Gray’s Petition

As a pediatrician with over 25 years of experience, I know just how important proper intubation can be for premature babies. But it’s far more realistic to practice on a human simulator than a cat — which is why almost every other medical school has stopped using animals in trainings. I can’t believe UVA would keep abusing these defenseless creatures rather than following universities like Yale and Johns Hopkins.

There are only weeks before Alley, Fiddle and Kiki will be subjected to yet another year of this torture — a new round of pediatric residency students will start orientation on June 14. I’ve started an urgent petition on Change.org asking the university to stop using cats for training before classes start. Will you join me?

The university claims the cats are treated well — but I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to let his or her cat or dog at home suffer this sort of procedure month after month, year after year. I don’t see the difference between Alley, Fiddle, and Kiki at UVA, and my cats Beeto, Binky, Pounce, and Spooky at home.

I know from experience just how vital intubation can be — it saves lives. I’m simply asking the university to stop using this outdated and unnecessarily cruel method of teaching.

At least 94% of pediatric residency programs have stopped using cats because more ethical, effective methods are available. I’m convinced that if UVA hears from thousands of people across the community, it will realize it should do the same.

Help me make sure Alley, Fiddle and Kiki don’t endure another year of this torture.

Thanks for your help,

Dr. Roberta Gray

Shades of emotion

13 May

This picture seems to produce a lot of emotions — ranging from sadness to anger to feelings of love and faithfulness.

How does it make you feel?


Anyone know more about this picture?

We  found it on Facebook.

A Chow Chow rides the Underdog Choo-Choo

15 Apr

This weekend the Underdog Railroad helped a beautiful Chow named JoePaul to safety from a high-kill facility near Atlanta to safety with a foster near Nashville,  TN.

What a great dog.
Hard to believe somebody gave him up to a kill shelter. Special thanks to Transport Coordinator Suzanne Young.



A red flag for transport drivers

1 Mar
Are we all so anxious to HELP that we’re actually sending dogs into fates far worse than humane euthanasia???

Grab a beverage, sit down and read this in it’s entirety!!  It is a mind numbing reality check written by Whitney Horne of Atlanta Bully Rescue —-  PLEASE CROSS POST

****IMPORTANT****   Please take the time to read-  this link provides a check list of RED FLAGS for you to think about before volunteering to transport!!

Whitney Horne
Animal Rescue Assistance
Atlanta Bully Rescue
PO Box 17868
Atlanta, GA 30316
Click here to learn more about our animal rescue

ALSO….   Check out this story of a FAKE RESCUER in Wingo, KY ~~~~

Over 100 suffering dogs seized from her property-  many found dead from starvation.



(pix of the dogs on her property + story)

Feel free to share and forward with others in the rescue community.
Something needs to change in order protect the animals.

Sheri Jackson
Independent Transport Coordinator
Mpls, MN


More problems in Ringgold, GA

23 Feb

More Apparent Illegalities Revealed at Catoosa County Pound:



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