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Support our troops – and their pets

9 Jul
Dogs on Deployment Rescue Connection

Dear Rescuer,

My name is Alisa Johnson (, and I am the President of Dogs on Deployment. Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit which promotes responsible pet-ownership and the military-pet community by providing an online resource for military members to search for volunteers willing to board their pets during deployments, training or hardships. Since our launch in June 2011, we have helped nearly 80 military pets find loving homes in their owner’s absence and have a network of nearly 600 boarders located across the country. We also have resources available for moving military families in country and overseas. We rely solely on the public’s support to improve the service we can offer to military members nationwide. We have a very active Facebook page we hope you’ll like and share.

I am writing you in order to let you know that we exist; so if you ever hear of a military pet in need, you know where to send them. Often times pets are the casualties to fallen through pet care plans before deployments, and end up needlessly in shelters. We hope that if you ever hear of a military member requesting to relinquish their pet due to the service requirements, you refer them to us first. If you ever adopt a pet to a military family, please educate them of our program in case they need to utilize us in the future.

Military members can be wonderful pet owners, but unfortunately there is a lack of support for pet owners within the military. We’re here to provide that.

We have an informational flyer that you can print for your community wall, or pass out to military families adopting from you. Also, if you have a resource page on your website, please consider adding a resource specifically geared for military members. We would love for our page to be mentioned and linked to for help during deployments.

If your organization is interested in joining our foster network to provide temporary homes for military pets, please respond to this email. We are hoping to network with several rescues across the nation to expand our military foster network, as well as be connected with breed specific rescues for when we have pure-breds posted on our website.

We also hope that you might be interested in supporting our national petition to standardize military pet policies on base housing, securing the rights of pet owners to own their pets, regardless of breed or size, on base and have the confidence that no matter where they go, the policy will be the same. We have a Facebook page for our petition and are requesting our petition be shared in order to help us receive 100,000 signatures.

Thank you considering supporting Dogs on Deployment, your troops and their pets.

Alisa Johnson
President, Dogs on Deployment

One Nation, Under Dog

6 Jun

“One Nation Under Dog” is set to premiere at 9pm on Monday, June 18th on HBO. 

Nearly two years in the making, the film tells a complicated and unwavering story that explores our relationship with dogs.

The film chronicles those who would protect their animals with regard for little else, the many manifestations of grief from losing a pet, and the brutal truth behind the euthanasia of 4-6 million homeless animals in the US each year and the people who fight to save their lives. See the trailer here.

PAWS New England was honored and humbled to be asked to participate in the film and did everything in our power to painstakingly highlight the struggles faced by all of us in the rescue community. We hope this will change the way homeless animals are treated in the United States and abroad by educating a largely unaware audience of both the staggering horrors and inspiring tales of survival present in the world of dog rescue.

Every rescue group can benefit from this film as viewers will be both horrified by the reality and inspired by the power to save a life. This presents an amazing opportunity for us to help homeless animals in need. PAWS New England will be encouraging our volunteers to host screening parties for their friends and families. We will encourage party-goers to “Take Action” by adopting, fostering, donating, committing to spay/neuter, and promoting legislative and lobbying efforts to end puppy mills and gas chambers.

Take this moment and harness the passion that the movie will undoubtedly provoke. Educate. Recruit volunteers and adopters. Raise funds. Join the fun on facebook and let this movie inspire.

Host a Viewing Party

In order for this movie to spurn a movement that will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of abandoned animals, people need to see it! We ask rescue groups from all over the country to encourage your volunteers to host viewing parties for friends and families on the night of the premiere.

Hosts need only invite over a few friends and tune in. We are asking hosts from all over the country to sign up here and put their city on the map! Let’s show America hundreds of screening parties on our google map! All rescues will likely create unique ideas for screening parties, but we invite hosts to use the PAWS New England “party package” with dog-themed drinks, vegan appetizers and desserts.

We invite everyone to join the virtual party on this facebook page!

Don’t have HBO, but want to see the movie? Contact your local cable company and inquire about a HBO trial.
Positive Feedback for HBO

There were many moments over the last year where it looked as though this film might not make it to production. The executives at HBO were concerned that too few people would be interested in a documentary about rescue dogs to justify the expense of making the film. We passionately pledged that animal lovers from all walks of life would tune in and we need you to help us make good on our promise.

In addition to watching the film, we strongly encourage each and every supporter of rescue to:

  • Show your support for the film on this HBO Documentary Facebook Page
  • Leave feedback for the HBO executives on “Join the Conversation” and let them know you want to see more rescue-themed programming
  • Request that HBO commission a follow-up documentary exclusively about rescue that further explores the stories of the featured dogs

A tremendous thank-you for the amazing and selfless work you do. We hope this film will make it just a little easier to save the lives of innocent animals.

Many thanks,
Dr. Kelly Parker
Cofounder PAWS New England

A ton of transports coming up

5 Jun

There are lots and lots of transports coming up for June 9 and 10, so next weekend would be a good time to get out there and save a life or two.

Just click on the Upcoming Transports section of this blog in the header above and scroll through the listings until you find one that’s a good match for you and your vehicle.

Beginners are always welcome.

Transporters: Don’t go here!

30 May

Here’s a list of known locations frequently used for hand-offs / transfers on dog rescue runs.

Each location on the list is known or suspected to harbor parvo.

Source: OTRA coordinators.

Please walk your dogs and do your transfers elsewhere.

List of No Go areas:

Date Contaminated     Location2/18/2012 Birmingham, AL: Shell Station at Acton Road
2/18/2012 Gadsden, AL: Cracker Barrel (off of exit 181)
2/18/2012 Chattanooga, TN: Food Lion (Brown’s Ferry exit)
2/18/2012 Athens, TN: Burger King (off of I-75, exit #49)
2/18/2012 Abingdon, VA: Highlands Union Bank (Exit #14 off of I-81 on right )
2/18/2012 Roanoke, VA: McDonald’s (exit #146 off of I-81) & Days Inn Hotel (exit #146 off of I-81)
2/18/2012 Staunton, VA: Cracker Barrel (back of parking lot) off of Exit #222 (off of I-81)
2/18/2012 Lexington, KY:  Cracker Barrel, off I-75, exit 110
4/28/2012 Grove City OH:  Cracker Barrel at Exit 100 off I-71
4/28/2012 Cambridge OH:  Criacker Barrel at Exit 178 off I-70
4/28/2012 Wheeling WV:  Russell Stovers parking lot on Cabela Drive
4/28/2012 New Stanton PA:  Travelers Oasis
4/28/2012 Breezewood PA:
4/28/2012 Harrisburg PA:  Bob Evans off the turnpike
5/5/2012 ASHEVILLE, TN: Exit 44 Cracker Barrel
5/5/2012 NEWPORT, TN: Cracker Barrel around the back 1021 Cosby Highway, Newport, TN 37821-7323 (423) 623-0676
5/5/2012 KNOXVILLE, TN:  I-75 Exit 108 Red Lobster
5/5/2012 CORBIN, KY: Exit 29 Cracker Barrel around the back
5/5/2012 Lexington, KY: Exit 110 Cracker Barrel
5/5/2012 Florence, KY: exit 181 off I-75/71 Best Western 7821 commerce Drive  859-525-0090
5/5/2012 Springboro, OH: Exit 38 off I-75 Comfort Inn Springboro, OH (around the back facing the highway) 15 Sharts
5/5/2012 RICHMOND, IN: Exit 156B Mariott/Fairfield Inn
5/5/2012 Indianapolis, IN: Exit 130 off I-65 Starbucks on the east side of I-65 attached to the gas station.
5/5/2012 COVINGTON, IN: Exit 4 Wendy’s parking lot
5/5/2012 CHAMPAIGN, IL: Exit 181 Prospect Ave. Starbucks

Stop torturing cats

16 May

I can’t even imagine if my beloved cats suffered the same fate as Alley, Fiddle and Kiki.

Alley, Fiddle and Kiki are three cats used in pediatric intubation trainings at the University of Virginia medical school. The details are horrific: they’re immobilized and helpless as plastic tubes are repeatedly forced down their throats — sometimes as many as 20 times each session. And Alley, Fiddle and Kiki have been enduring this torture for the last seven years.

Tell the University of Virginia to stop using cats in intubation training.
Sign Dr. Gray’s Petition

As a pediatrician with over 25 years of experience, I know just how important proper intubation can be for premature babies. But it’s far more realistic to practice on a human simulator than a cat — which is why almost every other medical school has stopped using animals in trainings. I can’t believe UVA would keep abusing these defenseless creatures rather than following universities like Yale and Johns Hopkins.

There are only weeks before Alley, Fiddle and Kiki will be subjected to yet another year of this torture — a new round of pediatric residency students will start orientation on June 14. I’ve started an urgent petition on asking the university to stop using cats for training before classes start. Will you join me?

The university claims the cats are treated well — but I can’t imagine anyone agreeing to let his or her cat or dog at home suffer this sort of procedure month after month, year after year. I don’t see the difference between Alley, Fiddle, and Kiki at UVA, and my cats Beeto, Binky, Pounce, and Spooky at home.

I know from experience just how vital intubation can be — it saves lives. I’m simply asking the university to stop using this outdated and unnecessarily cruel method of teaching.

At least 94% of pediatric residency programs have stopped using cats because more ethical, effective methods are available. I’m convinced that if UVA hears from thousands of people across the community, it will realize it should do the same.

Help me make sure Alley, Fiddle and Kiki don’t endure another year of this torture.

Thanks for your help,

Dr. Roberta Gray

Batter up for McKamey

10 May

Join us for

 Dogs on the Diamond
 at the Chattanooga Lookouts Sunday, May 20 at 2:15pm
Tickets are only $5

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit


Tickets may also be purchased at McKamey Animal Center

Make sure you get to the game in time to walk your furry friend around the bases in the
1:45 Pooch Parade!

Special seating for participants and their pooches located in the picnic area along the 3rd base line.

Pooch Rules: 

Owners must clean up after their dogs


All dogs must display current
rabies & license tag


Dogs must be on leash at all times


So, adopt somebody!

3 May

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