Support our troops – and their pets

9 Jul
Dogs on Deployment Rescue Connection

Dear Rescuer,

My name is Alisa Johnson (, and I am the President of Dogs on Deployment. Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit which promotes responsible pet-ownership and the military-pet community by providing an online resource for military members to search for volunteers willing to board their pets during deployments, training or hardships. Since our launch in June 2011, we have helped nearly 80 military pets find loving homes in their owner’s absence and have a network of nearly 600 boarders located across the country. We also have resources available for moving military families in country and overseas. We rely solely on the public’s support to improve the service we can offer to military members nationwide. We have a very active Facebook page we hope you’ll like and share.

I am writing you in order to let you know that we exist; so if you ever hear of a military pet in need, you know where to send them. Often times pets are the casualties to fallen through pet care plans before deployments, and end up needlessly in shelters. We hope that if you ever hear of a military member requesting to relinquish their pet due to the service requirements, you refer them to us first. If you ever adopt a pet to a military family, please educate them of our program in case they need to utilize us in the future.

Military members can be wonderful pet owners, but unfortunately there is a lack of support for pet owners within the military. We’re here to provide that.

We have an informational flyer that you can print for your community wall, or pass out to military families adopting from you. Also, if you have a resource page on your website, please consider adding a resource specifically geared for military members. We would love for our page to be mentioned and linked to for help during deployments.

If your organization is interested in joining our foster network to provide temporary homes for military pets, please respond to this email. We are hoping to network with several rescues across the nation to expand our military foster network, as well as be connected with breed specific rescues for when we have pure-breds posted on our website.

We also hope that you might be interested in supporting our national petition to standardize military pet policies on base housing, securing the rights of pet owners to own their pets, regardless of breed or size, on base and have the confidence that no matter where they go, the policy will be the same. We have a Facebook page for our petition and are requesting our petition be shared in order to help us receive 100,000 signatures.

Thank you considering supporting Dogs on Deployment, your troops and their pets.

Alisa Johnson
President, Dogs on Deployment

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