A success story to warm your heart

22 Apr

Franklin Goes to Utah

 Chattanooga, TN—April 13, 2012 ─ Franklin can only be described as “the little kitty that could.” With his energetic attitude and playful antics, Franklin wouldn’t let something like being positive for both Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) ruin his chances at a good life.

The Pet Placement Center rescued Franklin in mid February from a local animal shelter. One of the first things they do at the Center is test any new cat for FeLV and FIV. Unfortunately, Franklin tested positive for both. The veterinarian confirmed that this handsome, 10 month old, snuggly kitten was infected with both viruses.

FeLV and FIV are contracted from other infected cats, and while not a death sentence, it did mean that finding a suitable home for Franklin would prove daunting. No inquiries came in after being posted on the adoption websites for over a month. Franklin had to be housed separately from other cats and kittens at the Center and the lack of furry friends potentially threatened his mental stability.

An admittance request was submitted to Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Utah, but knowing BFAS constantly receives similar requests, the Center did not have much hope of acceptance. Imagine the surprise and happiness felt when the acceptance email arrived. Now the hard work would start! How would this rambunctious fur ball get 1,900 miles across the country to his new home?

This is where Mike Fitzgerald enters. Mike visits the Center’s cats weekly.  Mike had always wanted to visit BFAS, but had never had the right opportunity.  Mike’s employer, Dr. Toumayan at the Cat Clinic, and her staff, were more than helpful in juggling schedules in order for Mike to leave on such short notice.  Mike and PPC seized the chance and in three days, the cross-country adventure was arranged.  Franklin was on his way!

Mike sent daily trip updates detailing what he and Franklin saw along the way. Mike said, “Franklin sang all the way to Nashville & none of it sounded like country western.” He eventually settled into the car ride and seemed to enjoy it. In Amarillo, TX they saw the Cadillac graveyard. In NM, they were greeted by a fresh dusting of snow. On the morning of day four, they reached their destination, Kanab, UT.

Franklin was met with open arms and lots of petting. According to one of the staff at BFAS, Franklin will eventually move into Casa de Calmar, a building dedicated to FeLV kitties where he’ll have cat friends named Annette and Moses. He’ll have loads of fun with his new feline companions.

It’s hard to say why BFAS accepted Franklin, but Franklin’s human friends know it was due to his endearing spirit and soulful eyes.  It really was probably more a situation of lucky timing.  Whatever the reason, PPCs staff and volunteers couldn’t be happier! And Mike cannot be thanked enough for helping Franklin’s dreams come true.  Franklin will be available for adoption once he settles into his new temporary home at BFAS.


One Response to “A success story to warm your heart”

  1. Rayya April 22, 2012 at 9:30 am #

    What a wonderful story! Big gratitude to everyone involved in putting in so much love and effort to keep Franklin safe and happy. I hope he finds his forever home soon. 🙂

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