Adoptapalooza Saturday – It’s not too late

18 Apr

It’s not too late to sign up — we already have 16 organizations on the list, including McKamey, HES and the Pet Placement Center.

And yes, you can adopt out animals (including cats) on the spot if you like — but you don’t have to, you can use the event for PR and marketing. Tents are recommended but not required. Hours are 10 to 4; setup starts at 8 am.

 Call Ruth Thompson  at Outdoor Chattanooga,  (423) 643-6888
–Beth Cox, Underdog Railroad

Adoptapalooza 2012


Part of the City of Chattanooga’s Spring Fest

Coming Saturday April 21
Coolidge Park

You are invited to participate
This event is sponsored by the Outdoor Chattanooga agency in partnership with the city’s Office of Sustainability and Education, Arts and Culture, and Chattanooga Parent Magazine.

Adoptapalooza, a pet adoption and education event, will be held on Saturday, April 21, in Renaissance park on Chattanooga’s North Shore.

All animal-oriented organizations in the area are invited to participate, both profit and non-profit, including animal shelters, rescue organizations, adoption centers, spay/neuter organizations, veterinarians and other animal health groups, businesses, animal trainers, and those who provide services for animal lovers and adopters.

We are hoping to have both dogs and cats available for adoption on the spot.

10′x10′ exhibit spaces are available for $25. To register or for more information, email or call Outdoor Chattanooga at (423) 643-6888.

You can download a registration form here:

You may take more than one space, and we recommend that if you plan to offer animals for adoption on the spot. Tents are recommended but not required.

The event will be held on Saturday April 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Renaissance Park on Chattanooga’s North Shore, in conjunction with Outdoor Chattanooga’s Outdoor Expo and Gear Swap in nearby Coolidge Park.

This FREE event will be open to the public. Information about pet adoption,  spay/neuter, microchipping, dog licensing and other pet-related services will be available. And we hope to feature some doggie-related entertainment, such as disc dog performances and dog training instruction.

Best regards,
Beth Cox
Underdog Railroad

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