Room to roam needed for Moses

27 Jan
I know this happens every day, but I just happened to be at Catoosa County animal control in Ringgold, GA at this particular moment. I was there pulling a friendly kitty. While checking out the dogs in the back, an officer walked to the euthanasia room with a carrier. Not on my watch…can’t happen! Someone brought the cat in a carrier. I figured cat in carrier can’t be too bad, but didn’t plan to leave him there to die even if he would have tried to eat my face off. Before I left another kitty came in a trap. I took him too.
As it turns out, Napoleon (so named for his large nose) the trap kitty ended up being a big smooshy butterball who wants nothing but love. He tested negative and is being neutered today. He will join our adoption program and hopefully find his new home soon.
Moses, the carrier kitty, would much rather be an outside cat. I wouldn’t say he is totally feral, but I’m not planning to pick him up and snuggle him anytime soon. He destroyed his cage overnight in typical “I’m feral, let me out of here” fashion letting me know he truly needs a safe outdoor home to go to. PPC will pay for his neuter, rabies and combo test if required by new home (although I don’t really agree with testing ferals). I just need someone to give him a place to roam free away from trap and kill happy people.
Moses is a DSH, back and white male. I do not see any bite wounds so don’t think he’s much of a fighter. I don’t have a death wish so will not be checking his teeth anytime soon, but he doesn’t appear to be very old. I can send a pic if you need it.
If you have a place for Moses, please let me know asap so he doesn’t have to spend a minute longer in a cage. He’s quite miserable!
Kerry Moyers-Horton
Executive Director
TN Humane Animal League/Pet Placement Center
5975 Dayton Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Phone: 423.877.0738
Fax: 423.877.0515
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