Bailey needs a home – Chattanooga area

9 Jan

Bailey, a well-behaved Lab/shepherd mix

Name:  Bailey
Gender: Female
Breed:  Lab/shepherd mix
Color:  Black
Age:    3 yrs
Vet hx: no major illness or surgical issues.
Vacc:   Up to date as of June 2011
Heartwrm:  Not currently on preventative.  Have to check with the vet on recent tests.
Temperment:  Bailey loves cats, but plays way to rough with them.  As long as they can get away from her and hide, things are fine.
Bailey is very protective of her family and is wary of strangers in her home environment.  She gets along fine with other dogs as long as they are her size or bigger.  Small dogs would not be a good idea at all….she has attacked very small dogs in  the past.

On a leash she is easily controlled and when she is introduced slowly to strange people and animals, she does fine.
She is normally an indoor dog…sleeps inside, etc…but she does fine when placed in a pet run or other enclosure outside for the day.  She is crate trained.  Most of the time she will not use the bathroom in the house, but she has had problems with that in the past.

If you have any questions please call me at (423) 364-0720.  Bailey has been my “child” for the past 2 years and its very painful to send her elsewhere, but my current living situation demands that I give her up.

Thanks for all your help..

Jeff Poulson


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