Adorable pug/terrier cross needs a foster or forever home

29 Dec

Won't somebody take me in?


Well, damn. We hear that this dog was given away at a local WalMart. We don’t know to whom or whether shots and neutering are in the picture.

We can only hope he got a good home.



Here’s what we know:

This dog is in the Chattanooga area.

Puggy was born August 10, 2011.  His parents are a purebred Boston Terrier and a purebred Pug.  The gentleman who has him loves him, but is living out of his truck and said he knows that is not fair to the dog.  He bought him from someone in Alabama for $150 and would like a $100 rehoming fee.  He said he has papers for Puggy showing that both parents are registered.  He said Puggy is not neutered.

The dog is very affectionate and very handsome – the photos do not show how handsome the dog really is.

Call David at 423-394-0581.


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