Some idiot wants to kills puppies with a hammer

8 Dec

This is Barkleigh. My husband rescued her yesterday in the Chattanooga area

from the middle of the road after a long chase and lots of coaxing. After speaking with the man on
>> the property, who says they are not his dogs, he found out that Barkleigh
>> has siblings. The mother is a ‘wandering’ Walker Hound, again, according to
>> this man. He says he wants rid of the dogs as they are a pain in the
>> a…… He also says he does not feed them and they just have to fend for
>> themselves. While there, he actually asked my husband, who is a police
>> officer and was still in uniform, if he could just shoot them all for him.
>> When my husband declined, he said that was ok, that he was just going to
>> have to take a hammer to each of their heads and kill them because that
>> ‘would be better than starving to death’. My husband asked him not to do
>> so, that we would try to find homes for the puppies.
>> We are unsure of how many there are, or of their genders at this point.
>> They all look similar to Barkleigh. The man says he has no idea how old
>> they are but I would guess maybe six to eight weeks….. although that is
>> only a guess. Barkleigh probably weighs about 2-2 1/2 pounds. She is able
>> to eat puppy chow though, softened with some warm water and drinks water
>> out of the bowl. She was covered in fleas so we bathed her and her belly
>> was swollen so we wormed her. I imagine these things will apply to the
>> other puppies as well.
>> We would love to be able to find homes for the pups before Christmas. If
>> you would like one, please call 423-605-3253 or 423-443-1854 and we will
>> get it set up. I just can’t imagine taking a hammer to the head of a
>> newborn puppy and thinking you are doing it a favor. Please help!!


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