Interesting – and sad – lost dog tale

14 Nov
JAKE’s family is desparately searching for him! They are from York, SC and while they were out of town for Labor Day, Jake somehow ended up at York County, SC Animal Control. They went to the shelter as soon as they got home on Sept 12th, only to be told that their baby had been pulled by a rescue on Sept 10th. The shelter would not tell them what rescue pulled him and only that they would have the rescue call them. It took more than a week for the rescue to call and they never identified themselves, only said that this boy had been sent to a rescue in TN. That’s a really big haystack! After 2 months, the family is still desparately trying to find him, reaching out to every rescue they can find in TN, which is how I learned of this. I’m trying to help them find their baby and am asking if anyone recognizes him and knows which rescue in TN has him??? If you know anything at all that will help us find Jake, please email! It’s been 2 months and the chances of finding this boy before he’s adopted again are getting more and more slim with each passing day! Please share and help us bring Jake home to his family, or if he has been re-adopted, at least we can offer this family answers and closure. Too many dogs in the system are unwanted, and here we have a dog who ALREADY has a loving home and just needs help finding his way back to it! Thank you!!!
This is also being networked on Facebook, so if you are also Facebook Crossposters, please share the following link on your Facebook pages!
Jake’s shelter ID at York County Animal Control was A048330.
Please note that these are the facts as I know them from Jake’s family.
Thank you!
Sherry “Nikki” Anderson
Pet Assistance Network
P.O. Box 90792
Nashville, TN 37209

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