We confess – We love Jess

12 Nov

And you will, too:

Jess needs a loving home

Jess is living here at the Pet Placement Center in Chattanooga. He is a gorgeous long haired, enormous Maine Coon mix who is friendly, happy and, unfortunately, FIV positive. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a manageable disease that is frequently misunderstood; many FIV positive cats live long happy, healthy lives with proper care. Jess is as healthy as can be and shows absolutely no signs of illness. His appetite is great and his immunity is strong.

Jess was born in October 2008 and was rescued from Catoosa County Animal Control. His fur is so fluffy and lush that we had difficulty telling if he was male or female. We keep him isolated from the other cats at Pet Placement Center so FIV will not have an opportunity to spread. Jess should have a home as an only cat or with other FIV positive cats.

For cats like Jess with no other symptoms, and otherwise generally good health, management of FIV involves a proper diet and prompt, aggressive treatment of infections and other conditions as they crop up. Your veterinarian will work with you to establish a plan to keep Jess healthy. Jess will need to be an inside only cat and flea control is important, as fleas transmit a number of other parasites and flea bites themselves can become infected, which would be a cause for concern.

As much work as this may sound, Jess is absolutely worth it. He is a strikingly handsome and genial cat. He will shower his guardian with affection and will thrive when that affection is returned.


Kerry Moyers-Horton
Executive Director
TN Humane Animal League/Pet Placement Center
5975 Dayton Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN 37415
Phone: 423.877.0738
Fax: 423.877.0515

Whatta buncha handsome


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