How to post a request

6 Nov

Hey folks, every day we get emails from pet owners about lost dogs or cats, dogs for adoption, pets being surrendered, homes needed, fosters needed, etc.

Unfortunately, many of these emails lack the basics, such as where the animal is located.

Many lack pictures, which are extremely helpful. Some lack contact information.

So please, if you are going to send out an email plea for help, include a digital picture of the animal if at all possible, its location, its history if known, and where you can be reached by phone AND email.

We try to post as many such requests as possible.

Remember, the Greater Chattanooga area covers portions of three states, so location is important.






One Response to “How to post a request”

  1. Kelley November 6, 2011 at 8:05 am #

    Thanks for reiterating this. I get “help!” requests frequently, too, and many of the messages lack basic info, this was a great reminder.

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