Sometimes I’m amazed at what we do

29 Oct


This weekend, about 25 volunteers teamed up to take one little dog named Lily from the Birmingham, AL area all the way to Portland, ME, with an overnight stay in northern Virginia.

This is kind of like going from the land of y’all to the state of ayup.

Lily, a Pekingese, was rescued about three weeks ago in Alabama, and fostered for a while. This weekend she was transported to Little Paws Big Hearts Pekingese Rescue in Portland, Maine, where they love Pekes and will find her a good home.

This run was coordinated by Laura Harper, near Pittsburgh, PA. Volunteers stepped up all along the route, in Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia,  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and finally, Maine.

It takes an amazing amount of coordination to do this and do it right, and Laura seems to have it all down. Laura calls her operation The Liberty Train, and you may email her at

It was a privilege to help out. Special thanks to my hand-off partners, Patti and Ryan and Nicole.

Lily gave me a big wet kiss, and that was thanks enough for me!

If you ever get a chance to do this, I hope you step up.

— Beth

Lily resting at her overnight in Virginia


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