Griffin, GA Cats, Adoption Incentive w/ FREE spay/neuter

24 Oct
Cat Adoption Fee Reimbursement Program — adult cats currently at Spalding Animal control already come with free spay or neuter vouchers. Then to qualify for reimbursement of animal control adoption fee-adopter needs to provide their vet reference and proof of s/n. Up to 2 adult cats from animal control per year can be adopted under this new program available through Winging Cat Rescue. Info & contact info also available at spalding animal control.All adults have been given an fvrcp vaccination thanks to Petfinder Grant and have had flea preventive applied.

videos and MORE photos available on petfinder site

#1402 calico-staff & vol fav & caretaker inmate favorite
1403 black female-friendly bushy tail young adult female
1409 black male-(mistakenly named Greta on petfinder, this cat is a male and clean friendly mellow fellow)
1428 Amazing Grace-volunteer fav
1452 Hannah-affectionate cat getting overlooked simply because she’s black-inmate fav
1459 Jerry tabby -inmate caretaker & staff & vol fav
1566 white & black male-staff & vol fav
1588 white & black male -staff & vol fav
1627 pretty russian blue & white female
1637 Shana b/w female (came in with Shaw 1638 b/w male-now separated at animal control &miserable w/o each other)
1638 Shaw b/w male ditto
1668 white & tabby boy -BIG personality and BIG favorite
1698 WiFi Will chatty kitty-never met a stranger he didnt like. always ready to carry on a conversation. staff/vol/inmate fav!

Spalding County Animal Shelter
208 Justice Boulevard
Griffin, GA 30224
Phone: (770) 467-4772
FAX: (770) 467-4771
Website: provides additional information on the shelter and available pets

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