Go ahead – treat yourself

17 Oct
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sweets for strays
Treat yourself, your family and your friends _ and don’t forget your coworkers _ to a day of sweet temptations
Tuesday is the day to let your sweet tooth sparkle for animals as McKamey Animal Center’s “Sweets for Strays” kicks off in bakeries, cupcakeries, donut shops and ice cream parlors all around Chattanooga. To support this sugar-coated venture, just pay a visit to any of the participating stores, buy whatever tempts your palate, and at the end of the day, five percent of sales from each store will be donated to McKamey.From cupcakes to donuts, cookies and ice cream, it’s a sweet deal for Chattanooga’s animal-loving community.

No need to feel guilty over your sugary indulgences. Remember that tomorrow, you’ll be doing it for the animals.


Participating in the day for “Sweets for Strays” are:

Clumpie’s Ice Cream Co.

26 Frazier Ave.

Chattanooga Cupcakes

500 Broad St.

Cupcake Kitchen 5450 Highway 153 (North Towne Center)

Jackson Bakery

5862 Brainerd Road (Brainerd Village)

Sweet Cece’s

330 Frazier Ave.

Ben & Jerry’s

201 Broad St.

Julie Darling Donuts

121 Frazier Ave.

Gigi’s Cupcakes 1906 Gunbarrel Road and 5550 Highway 153, Hixson


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