Toby needs a home

7 Oct


As far as we’ve been told, Toby has had all his shots. My husband works with the son of the woman that owned Toby, he also owns Toby’s father. He hasn’t been neutered. Temperament: He’s a very playful, sweet, friendly dog. We bought him some toys and he loves to play ‘keep away’. We throw the toy and he’ll go get it but won’t actually give it back to us. He gets along fine with our neighbor’s dogs which are much bigger than him. We don’t know about older children, we don’t have kids and we haven’t seen him around them. We did babysit our great-niece last weekend (1 ½ months old), Toby was curious about her but didn’t bother her. He loves being outside, but we have to keep him in a crate during the day as we both work and live in a small apartment. He minds us well. He’s very affectionate.
Lisa A. Vines, ACS, ALHC, Chattanooga area
(423) 294-8679

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