Feral Cat Fridays in Chattanooga

6 Oct

“Feral Cat Fridays” is set to begin October 7th.  Mckamey has received a grant to alter feral cats for city Chattanooga residents.  This program will run every Friday starting Oct 7th until the funding is gone.  The more cats you bring  in on a Friday, the larger the discount you will receive.  Combine your numbers with other fellow trappers, and  your saving will be even greater.  All of these feral cats must be in a trap, and all will be ear tipped.  Drop your feral felines off between 7-8am, and pick them up the same day between 5-6pm.  Call with any questions, and get those traps set.
Good news, we have decided to make every Friday free feral Friday.  Please remember you must live in the city, the cat must be truly feral, and all will be ear tipped.  Drop off between 7-8am and pickup between 5-6pm the same day.  Please spread the word.
> Shari Schwinkendorf
> TNR Coordinator
> 423-305-6517


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