Dogs on death row …

20 Sep
So many lives were saved last week from the cross=post that went out. Let’s see if we can do it again this week. These dogs have until the end of day Wednesday! That’s it!
They will be killed the next morning if not rescued or adopted Wed! 
AVAILABLE NOW at Cleveland TN Animal Shelter.
Contact the shelter immediately!
Cleveland Animal Shelter
The Shelter is located at 360 Hill Street SE
or email Loraine Munker
Lab mix puppy
About 10 to 12 weeks so sweet!
Border Collie
This big beautiful boy would not stand still. He was spinning and smiling and wiggling! Owner surrender. They have him as  8 years. I seriously doubt it! He weighs about 60 lbs and I think he is neutered. Great dog

These dogs, a 3 year old cocker female and a young, under a year male beagle mix with a bandage on foot ( no idea what’s under it and they wouldn’t check it) are super sweet. The beagle is shaking.

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