You could adopt a gentle Treeing TN Brindle

18 Aug
This pup was abandoned by his owners (neighbors of Bill). Bill spent lots of money getting him back to health at the vet. He feeds him Iams and will pay for his neuter and rabies vaccine if someone can take him. Bill has too many dogs already.
Pup is a 9-10 mos old Treeing TN Brindle. He’s gorgeous. He is well mannered, likes cats and sat quietly in the PPC  lobby while we tried to figure something out. I just do not have a kennel or foster home open right now. This guy is much more cute/handsome in person. The cell phone pics do not do him justice.
Call Bill directly 706-669-9512. Or call the Pet Placement Center in Chattanooga, 423-877-0738.

One Response to “You could adopt a gentle Treeing TN Brindle”

  1. Rayya The Vet August 18, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Bill has done awesome job and i am sure his hard efforts will pay off…hope a great new home is found for the adorable pooch

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