Help save this abused pittie girl

17 Aug


Can anyone help either temp foster or offer low cost boarding for this gal in the Nashville, TN area?  We have a sponsor for her heartworm treatment but the boarding costs are piling up as she awaits (a) her heartworm treatment and (b) transport to her rescue.  If anyone can help, please let us know as soon as possible. Any donations towards boarding are always welcome, as well. She is currently in Manchester, TN.

Email to:
Here is her story, a very sad one:
Coraline only wants to love and be loved. She has known rejection, neglect, loneliness, hunger, thirst, and complete isolation from human love and touch.
She has never known what it’s like to be loose to run free like a dog should … she has only known isolation and rejection from her owners . Neglected and unwanted, she survived on the end of a chain. As of late  her family started to completely neglect her by not feeding her or giving her water and keeping her on a short chain. Out in the elements alone, cold and hungry.  She was so hungry, she chewed off the end of her tail!  Please help us to help her. When rescued, her waterbowl cosisted of green slime, and it was 95 degrees. Her chain was so tight she could not move three feet to get out of the sun.

Please contact Gail gzjohnson@blomand.netor Melanie 

The Underdog Railroad has already donated on this dog’s behalf.


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