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Puppies need rescue

31 Aug

We have received an urgent plea for rescue from volunteers at the Murray County Animal Shelter in Chatsworth, GA, south of Chattanooga. Puppies are set to be PTS this Friday at dawn. The pups must have rescue by THIS Thursday but can stay at the shelter a couple days longer if necessary. Free transport to Atlanta provided. Transport to the Northeast and Midwest available. Dogs include various litters of puppies. Older dogs also available.

If you can help, please contact:

Lisa Hester, volunteer



706-260-5251 (daytime M, W, Fri)



Pauline Davis
706-463-2194, Text messages only


A transport success story

29 Aug

From transport coordinators Lynn and Chrissy, about last weekend’s transport:

The fur kids have made it safe and sound to their respective destinations!
Lilly the beagle from Georgia is tucked in and settling in with her new FUREVER family in Omaha, Nebraska!!  They absolutely adore her!!
The Bernese Mountain Dog is also in her furever home and slowly adjusting to her new surroundings and siblings in Wayne, IL.
Bear, Fiona, and all the other kids are safe and sound and had a nice arrival here in Minnesota to nearly perfect weather!  I have to admit, had I been in ANY position to have another fur kid at this moment in time….Bear would be coming home and have a brother in Houdini 🙂  WHAT A GENTLE GIANT!!!!
The Yorkie mix, who made it all the way from Louisville to Seymour, LOL, got adopted by a transporter in Indianapolis, IN – thank you Syd and Julie!!  Appropriately, sounds like they have named him Seymour 🙂
Thank you all for your HUGE roles in the start of their new lives!!  What a WONDERFUL group of fur kids, and we all appreciate what you do so much!!
Here is the start of the photos for this weekend’s transport:


Some of the dogs we helped to save today …

27 Aug

These guys rode to safety this weekend:



Special thanks to Pat, Barbara, Michele, Lynn and Chrissy.


Fenway needs a friend

26 Aug

Fenway needs a friend

This is hard, I am experiencing some financial difficulties and will be moving, unfortunately I can only have one small dog in my new place.  I need to re-home my other dog, Fenway, a lab/hound mix who is almost 4 years old.  He is sweet and gentle natured and gets along with other dogs, cats, and every person he’s ever been in contact with.  He is an all-around great dog and I’m really sad about having to give him up. I don’t want him to go to a shelter, can you help or give advice? 

Contact: Amy Roberts / Knoxville, TN /  /  865-766-7339 


Rescue help needed, East Ridge, TN

25 Aug

Rio needs a home

We have been slammed with animals once again, all our Pit bulls have been spayed or neutered, we have several small dogs, puppies and a whole lot of cats.

Please pass our rescue plea to all but especially Lab rescues, Pit bull rescues, small breed rescues, cat rescues and everyone in between.
We have a bonded pair that we are trying to get out together a female Dachshund and female Min pin. We have a large male black Lab and a yellow Lab/basset mix. We have a senior Lab/chow that no one is showing any interest in.
Please look at our petfinder page it is up to date and we are asking for rescue help now.
I will be available this weekend to meet any rescue to pick up animals.


Lost dog, Cleveland TN

24 Aug
Came back from vacation and gate open … dog gone!
Blue Springs area, Cleveland TN
any info?? email me!

Found – Black & white Manx on Mountain Creek Rd.

23 Aug

Black and white female manx cat with beautiful green eyes. Gentle and loves to be loved….. I’m sure she’s missing her family. She is maybe about 2 or so and may have recently had kittens. This is one sweet cat so I know some one has to be missing her. Found on Mountain Creek Road at the foot of Signal Mountain  in Chattanooga

Tom or Kali
423 432 7796

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