On The Road Again

29 Jul

Hey everyone, check this out if you want to be a transport coordinator:

On The Road Again

On the Road Again (OTRA) is a volunteer animal transport group dedicated to aiding rescue animals in moving to their forever/foster homes. We combine over-the-road truck drivers, pilot cars and personal vehicle transporters for quicker and more efficient transport of our furkids.
The picture on our site is that of Tarot, a tiny blind Chow, which we helped to save, assisted by wonderful transport coordinators, rescues, foster/forever moms, and, of course, our truckers. http://www.7bellssanctuary.petfinder.com for this wonderful story.
Animals posted to this group for transport must be spayed or neutered if going to forever home and must have a minimum of a Rabies vaccination to be elligible for transport. Special consideration will be given any animal accompanied by a veteranian’s statement detailing medical reasons why this has not been accomplished. Health Certificates are necessitated in those states requiring one.
We prefer animals requesting our assistance will have been out of a shelter and in temporary foster care for a minimum of two weeks to prevent spread of disease, come altered, wormed, with full immunization and a health certificate. However, we realize this is not always possible, and each case will be handled on a “needs/situation basis.”
Ours is now a rescticted members group per our open-voting system among our members Please know that your posts will be moderated for the first few months to prevent “spamming,” and to protect your own privacy.
You will receive an automated email upon joining which asks if you would like to become an OTRA Verified Transporter, and if so, will list our requirements for verification. OTRA Verifications are handled exclusively by Judy Burke, our OTRA Co-Owner and Verification Coordinator. Her email and mine will be included on the automated email. Rescues which desire OTRA Verification will meet these requirements, and additionally consent to a Home Visit.
Welcome to OTRA!
Brandy Holleran


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