A new resource for pet rescuers

3 Jul

These friendly puppies were saved in June 2011

Hi, welcome to Underdog Railroad.

This is a new resource for pet rescuers, transport drivers and transport coordinators, focused on the southeast  Tennessee, northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama areas.

If you have ever thought that you might like to volunteer a little time and some gas money to help save the lives of dogs and cats that are facing death in high-kill animal shelters, this is for you. Every weekend, a group of volunteers helps to transport animals to foster homes, new adopters and no-kill shelters up North.

We have sent dogs and cats to new lives in places as far north as Minnesota.

If you are a coordinator and would like to have your run sheets and driver requests posted here, please email us at TNpetrescue@aol.com.

If you live in the nearby area and would like to volunteer to be a driver, send an email to TNpetrescue@aol.com and we will forward it to coordinators so they can put you on their email lists.

Most of the communications for pet rescues are by email.

As a driver, you need to know that crates are not usually provided, and are not always necessary. They are helpful, however. It’s good to have water, a water bowl, some dog treats, a clean towel or two, a leash or leashes, a few collars, etc.  Common sense stuff. Rubber gloves can come in handy.

It’s a shame, but there are high-kill shelters throughout the South that put animals down every day. And there appears to be a large number of pet owners who fail to spay/neuter their pets.

Helping to save an animal will make you feel better about yourself.

Helping to save animals on a regular basis will change your life.

No one can save every animal, but everyone can save one.


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